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By “people,” I guess Neville thought Ron meant the Dark Lord.

Go big or go home

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20 favorite quotes that didn’t make it in to the movies

"Wha — ?Tonks — Tonks has had the baby?" “Yes, yes, she’s had the baby!" shouted Lupin. All around the table came cries of delight sighs of relief: Hermione and Fleur both squealed, “Congratulations!" and Ron sad, “Blimey, a baby!" as if he had never heard of such a thing before.

"Yes — yes — a boy," said Lupin again, who seemed dazed by his own happiness. He strode around the table and hugged Harry; the scene in the basement of Grimmauld Place might have never happened.

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Okay I’ll be real here, first time I watched the trailer I was really and I mean REALLY mad. It all started with the whole high school talk! it bother me so much because VA is way beyond the school feel. And what was that of we think we’ll live forever?? And the way that Lissa says thanks after feeding from Rose……ah no.! To me it was like too funny funny instead of the dark humor that Richelle gives us. Now I really liked Lissas speech…I just really hope that it’s really well explained why she is giving it to begin with and that it makes sense because right know it doesn’t. 
Okay so that said the ending parts of the trailer..AWESOME! Loving everything else. Still in love, still can’t wait to watch it. After I saw the trailer like 7 times it got better and better. My favorite parts of the whole thing were the Lissa/Christian Kiss <3 in fact from what I saw he is going to be great, and that’s good cuz he is one of my favorite characters. And then Dimitri walking away from a fight like that all God like <3 AHHH! 
I know it’s just the first trailer and I still think I’m going to love the movie but I really wish that they would have tried and explain how the world works! the three races! not the school?? it’s not about the school! It makes it sound like just another teen movie and it’s way more than that. We the FANS know it’s and will be awesome but the way it was portrayed…that wasn’t the way to go if you wanted to call for others attention :/ besides that I’ve loved all the music so far……I like it right know, I’m sure I’ll love it later. 

*before Vampire Academy*
Me:Okay I don't get it Russians are human
*after Vampire Academy*
Me:Russians are amazing I need to find a Russian I can't